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Narender Modi and Obama Picture

Our newly elected Sh. Narender Modi’s visits to the neighbor countries have given a new direction to the economy. It is a historic moment for all the citizens of India as it is the only kind of step which has been taken with an aim to improve the relations with all our neighbor countries. With this initiative, the economy has already started improving and we could see a significant change in almost all the aspects of the same.

The building relations have given us the hope of converting India from a developing country to a developed country in the near future. Not only this, the common social issues like Terrorism, Corruption, and Poverty etc. will vanish soon with this noble step and can help solve certain major issues as well. With this change, a new theory has developed, which says that communicating and solving problems together can take us to our destination without any problems. We just need to focus on the right path to reach the right direction. The same theory can be applied in our individual and personal lives too. Since we all are dealing with one or the other problem, we need a right guide to solve the same.

Each and every problem has a solution provided we focus on it properly. There are many situations where we are not able to cope with our own problems, it could be because we are not able to look through the possibilities of solving it and hence we end up making ourselves stressed because of the problem. The solution for this is also in our hands only. We never try to accept the fact that others can help us in solving our problems as they can see what we might miss. Communicating with others solves almost half of our problems, we not only feel good but we also get a kind of new hope that enlightens our inner self.

It is a remedy that makes us strong and confident which is essential for our personal growth and also for the society. A study has proved that the people who communicate more are the ones who are usually less prone to stress and live more than an average human being. The statement is actually true if we implement it in our lives as we can experience an instant mood change as soon as we talk with someone who is close to us. The art of communication requires a medium through which one can share their feelings, thoughts and connect with others. www.FullOnSMS.com is one such medium that allows the users to share, express and connect with their loved ones with the help of Free Messaging service. The website has been designed while keeping in mind the necessity of communication and to make the process flow smoothly.

Even if you do not have any problem to discuss, you can share happiness by Sending Free Messages online with FullOnSMS.com. Start a new change and feel the difference.

Learning and Earning with Ultoo.com

Learning new things is always a part of one’s life; it never ends at any stage of life. Whether it is learning a new language, a new skill or even learning how to drive. There are many situations in our lives when we do not know about things and hence try to learn them. For this purpose, we actually need to get some kind of training and even pay sometimes. In return, we gift ourselves a treasure of knowledge and self-confidence, which helps improve our personality.

There are many things in this world that we need to learn, out of which the most popular is Learning English. It is the most important factor in today’s competitive world to communicate in fluent English. Many people go for learning the skill and pay heavily for the same. There are many sources that teach us to speak fluent and good English. Ultoo.com’s Learn English feature facilitates you with all the basic grammar and required things to learn the language. Also, it helps you increase your vocabulary by giving new words to learn and also how to pronounce them correctly.

Ultoo Learn English and Earn Free Recharge

With the learning part, you get the chance to earn a Free Mobile recharge by giving the correct answers to all the questions. Yes, it not only trains you but gives you a chance of earning a free online recharge. Isn’t this amazing that you get paid instead of paying. Well, it is truly a different and god way of teaching that helps you develop your skills along with gives you a platform to earn as well.

Login now to www.Ultoo.com to learn something new and also earn free recharge every time with the amazing features available on the website.

Enjoy an Unforgettable FullonSMS Experience with Your Friends!

Being a member of any social media account or website can be quite boring if you don’t have your friends along with you. There are many websites which offers users some benefits for inviting their friends to become a user of the website. These benefits depend on the type of services provided by the site such as website which offer credit points for activities, might offer some free credit points for inviting friends also.
One such website is FullonSMS. This website offers numerous features like sending SMS without paying a single penny for it, which can include video greetings, wallpapers etc along with your personal message. Another interesting service offered by the website is FB Covers. It allows users to change their Facebook Covers in just few clicks with trendy photos of numerous categories such as celebrities, movies, festivals and many more. The website is not just for fun and games. It also provides useful information in the form of Trending articles and videos. In case you have lost your mobile and want to locate area in which it is present at the moment, then also you can use this website for a feature called Mobile Locator.
With so much to do and share on the website, why do it alone? Invite your friends and share videos, play games, send emotional or inspirational messages to them and also send SMS to all your friends having Indian mobile number for free, irrespective of the fact whether they are registered with the website or not.
To invite your friends you can follow either of the following options mentioned below:

Invite by Email:
Invite by Email
While inviting by email all you need is the email id of your friend and after filling the information in appropriate space click on Invite My Friends. You can also click on Invite More to add more friends. The best part about this way of inviting is that when your friend responds favorably to your invitation and registers with the website, you earn 1000 credits. You can buy more SMS from this credit and send free SMS online.

Invite By SMS:
invite by sms
Another way of inviting friends is by sending invitation via SMS. In this you need to fill only the mobile number of your friends and click on Invite My Friends. Your friends will receive the invitation to join the website in their mobile inbox. If you want to add more friends then click on Invite More Friends tab shown under the Successfully Sent Invitation confirmation message. This will automatically take you to the Invite page.
So invite more and more friends to enjoy the roller coaster ride offered by fullonsms.com with your friends and loved ones. Send video greetings, inspirational messages etc and share your preferred videos, articles and news with your friends free of cost.

Messaging-It’s the new Trend!


impacts of messaging on teens

Contrary to popular belief, texting is not detrimental for youngsters. Rather they can help in improving their language skills, provide emotional relief and provide a good platform for shy teens to clearly express themselves. Some online websites such as FullonSMS.com allow the teenagers, most of who are short on cash, to send free online SMS. We often hear about the negative aspects of texting. There are often complains about how today’s generation give preferences to abbreviated text languages, with no care in the world about spellings or grammar. But if we delve a little deeper, we will realize that in the long run, there are many positive effects of texting, from improved language skills (yes, you heard it right)  to even emotional reliefs.

There have been many research findings which point out the ways texting could positively impact reading and language development. Contrary to notions that texting could be detrimental to teen literacy, there have been studies which have found that the use of test- speak (language specific to text messages) made positive contribution to reading abilities. This is simply because texting encourages teens to interact and engage with written words, which they otherwise would not have been that interested in.

The teenage years are filled with turmoil and upheavals and the young adult often times don’t understand how to deal with negative emotions. They also tend to be highly moody and are not very comfortable talking about their feeling to others. During these low moments, texting to friends can provide huge emotional relief as they don’t really need to personally face anyone. They can simply convey their thoughts and feeling via SMS and in return lessen their emotional burdens.

Texting can also help shy teens who find it very difficult to personally converse with others. It allows such teens to avoid social awkwardness and let’s them get straight to the point without any small talks involved. Texting thus allows introverted teenagers to reach out to others and express themselves better. They are also able to confess about their feeling to their love intersect, without having to deal with the embarrassing prospect of confessing face-to-face.

One drawback of mobile texting is that it is quite expensive; teenagers might find it difficult to text in abundance as it can cost them a fortune. But now days there is no need to worry about cost as there are many websites such as www.FullonSMS.com that provide Free SMS services to their users. Therefore, the youngsters can freely message their friends and family whenever they want to. The added benefits of such websites are that they have many other features such as wallpapers, jokes and even games, which would surely thrill and excite any youngster. Therefore a teenager can send free online messages and obtain all the benefits of texting while having great fun.

How does Secret SMS Service work?

Secret SMS Service

The secret SMS service at FullonSMS allows you to send images, links and You Tube videos in the message. Here are the simple steps that can help you send a Secret Message in a fast way:

  1. Login & Click on the Secret SMS tab: Simply login to www.FullonSMS.COM and click on the Secret SMS tab. If you are a non-registered user, you can sign-up and then follow the same procedure.

secret sms

2. Select Type: There are 3 categories of message that include Simple Picture Message, upper Secret Message and Global Message Content. You can choose the type of message you want to send and click on the option accordingly.

send secret sms

3. Enter the mobile number of the recipient: After drafting your message, simply enter the 10-digit mobile number of recipient and click on the send button.

Your message gets delivered within a fraction of seconds, to the recipient entered by you. Apart from text, you can add images, links of different websites, You Tube videos, smileys and many more things.

The Super Secret SMS allows you to send a privately coded message that auto-expires in 30 minutes after reading. This message can be even shared publically with the option of Global Message & Content. All the users will be able to see the message shared by you. Hence, you can share your feelings and emotions easily with the help of Secret Message service.

Logon to www.FullonSMS.com today and share some amazing moments with your loved ones.

Guide to Successfully Send Video Greeting

Video Greetings are new way of wishing people on their birthdays, anniversaries, festivals etc. In some sites you have to pay to send these cards to your contacts, however, on fullonsms.com users can send video greetings all over India without shelling out a single penny. Follow the given instructions and wish people in a totally awesome way:

Step 1> Click on the given URL and login with your registered mobile number and password: http://fullonsms.com/login.php

FullonSMS  login

Step 2> Type the text shown on captcha to successfully land on the home page.


Step 3> Click on Video Greeting tab which will take you to a new window.

FullonsSMS Video Greeting

Step 4> From the given list of category select one of your choice.

FullonSMS Video Greeting

Step 5> A new screen will open consisting of different types of greeting videos. Select one and click on Send Now.

FullonSMS Video Greetings

Step 6> The new window will show you the video along with two tabs.


Step 7> Back button takes you back to the previous window.

FullonSMS Video Greetings Step 8> Send tab takes you to the next window where you fill all the boxes with appropriate information and then click Send.

FullonSMS Send Free Video Greetings

Step 9> After clicking on Send you will be redirected to a new window which will give you confirmation of a successful delivery of your video greeting.


Voila!!! Your video greeting has successfully been sent to your selected contact.




5 Must Have Mobile Apps

Must have Mobile Apps

Before the emergence of mobile phone, there was different set of environment which resided in the world. People were more friendly and welcoming. They kept in touch with their friends or relatives by meeting them regularly. Even wishes for all kinds of occasions were accorded by personally visiting each and every house of all the relatives and neighbors.


And then mobile phones were invented. They were initially launched with the aim of making communication easy for the user. Mobiles were used only for calling other people and not for playing, messaging, checking up on news etc. Slowly the usage increased to sending message to people via SMS.

SMS (Short Message Service) was not only less expensive but also delivered the message more quickly than calling. Nowadays there are many websites such as fullonsms.com, which helps the user to send free SMS to all their contacts and also helps in sending SMS to a whole group of people in one go. User can also send wallpapers and video greetings to all his friends without paying any penny. These sites have also become important as the use of SMS is decreasing day by day. This has resulted from the evolution of Mobile applications, some of which are available freely in the App Store of the mobiles.

Short Message Service

These mobile applications have definitely made the life of mobile users much easier. Some of the must have applications are as follows:

  • Messaging Apps: These applications basically allow the user to chat and perform other social networking activities like sharing photos, videos etc, update status over social networking sites, wish other contact on special occasions like birthdays, anniversaries, festivals etc. Some of the most popular messaging applications are: Whatsapp, Skype, Viber, Hike, Twitter, Gtalk, Yahoo Messenger, Facebook Messenger, Chaton, Nimbuzz etc.


  • Security Apps: With increasing crimes in the world especially against women, these apps have become sort of compulsory for all women users. Apps like keep track, guardly, bsafe etc. help by transferring current location of the user to selected contacts in case of an emergency. Security apps like antivirus, antispyware etc are also available for the user to guard their mobiles against unwanted access by unauthorized personnel. This software can be installed at the time of purchase of the mobile phone.

 security apps

  • Financial Applications: These kinds of apps are actually godsend. No more standing in line to transfer money or to pay bills and also keep track of your funds by easy access to balance sheet of your account. Online recharge has also become more secure and easy with the introduction of apps like Paytm, Mobikwik and JustRechargeIt etc. Apps for bank are: iMobile for ICICI bank, HDFC Bank, and American Express etc.

Financial Apps

  •  Reading Apps: With availability of Apps like Adobe Reader, Kobo, Epub and many more, reading on the go has become very easy and accessible on the mobile. These apps are a delight for reading fanatics who just cannot finish their day without reading something. They also help in easy access of documents on mobile phones.

Reading Apps

  • Travel Apps: These apps are especially beneficial for people who have to travel a lot either due to business or personal reasons. These apps basically help to keep all your travel information at just one click away. They also provide information like must visit places, best restaurant, hotel in the area, cheapest travel arrangement and also helps to book the flight, train or bus. Some of the most popular apps are:   tripadvisor, makemytrip, expedia (for booking tickets hotels etc) and goibibo (for booking flights and hotels).

travel app

The above apps have definitely changed the way the world works. It has brought the access to the whole world within the grasp of the user and just a few clicks away. However their presence in the mobile makes them slower to function. If you do not want to download and use these apps, you can take a look at various websites which offer additional services to the mobile users. One such website is “Fullonsms”, which allows its users to send free SMS, video greeting and wallpapers to all its contacts. You can also play quiz, checkout trendy quotes and messages also.

Welcome to the Internet!

A number of photoshopped pictures, trending videos, celebrity gossips, fun-filled games, latest fashion trends, you can see all this at just single platform with the help of Internet. The world of internet is full of new and exciting things that help us to know what is happening in the world.  Whether you want to know about your favorite celebrity or any


politician, you can read the whole history about that particular person. The only place where you can peep into other’s life without getting caught.

No matter what age you are of, you will find the best way to beat your boredom with the help of the amazing sources of entertainment available on the web. Not only for information, internet is a powerful tool for education, information and communication. It holds the power to make a person king and bring back to his original status. Today’s world has become digital

Internet social

because of the existence of the web that is the hub of infotainment. You need not worry if you missed the best shot of any cricket match, you can watch it again on the internet without any fail. There won’t be fight for TVs remote for watching a daily soap or a cartoon as you can watch them again on the web.

Now-a-days, even the students have started making the use of internet for their homework, assignments and all other projects work. It has become a lifeline of the people which has made lives much easier. But what if we don’t have any internet connection? How would be able to do all our tasks? This is the question which comes to everyone’s mind at least once in a day. Well, technology has opened many more options. There are websites such as FullonSMS that have been designed to entertain people and also help them doing their tasks with the feature of Free Text Messaging. You can get the latest match updates with the help of a single text message. Your appointments can be booked with a single message; the repeat telecast of your favorite TV show is also a message away. So, why are we so worried when we have the whole package with us in the form of FullonSMS.


Experience the fun with the best website in the form of entertainment and send free SMS to your friends and relatives and enjoy your life.



Roshan honay ke liye kuch bhi karega!

Who knew that Hrithik Roshan’s  hit dance number “Khaali haath aaye the hum khaali haath jayenge” will become a true incident n his life! The recent news of divorce alimony demand by his Suzanne Khan has put the whole Bollywood industry into a shock. The separation of

Hrithik Roshan Suzane

the couple already gave their fans a shocking surprise and the alimony news has made them feel the trauma so badly, that they have started making fun of the same.  Social media websites are flooded with trolls, sympathy messages, funny images and much more.

Hritik and suzanne split

It has become a sort of style statement for every celebrity to publicize their personal matters and then getting popularity and sympathies from the common people. It looks strange but it is the real picture of the glamour and entertainment world, where everything is aimed at earning money through publicity. Even the media adds to their income by highlighting every aspect of their issue. Well, it is the dose of entertainment that is needed by the audiences and the publicity stunts by the celebrities. They might tend to be ignorant about all the publicity stunts but are always happy and excited deep inside by the feedback and response of the audience towards the same.

Well, everyone has their own source of entertainment and information, but networking happens to be the most promising means of sharing and connecting with others. And the best way to connect is through messages and SMS which are the most common and convenient method of communicating over long distances. The free SMS services provided

Free SMS

by websites like www.FullonSMS.com make it all the more interesting and sharable. It acts as the best source for all kind of information and completes the daily dose of entertainment form trending videos, content to free messages to mobile across India. It justifies the famous quote, “Sone pe Suhaga” as you relish the amazing features like play games, download free wallpapers and Send Free Messages Online.

You won’t be bored at all once you start exploring FullonSMS, there is everything for everyone. Add fun to your life and enjoy it to the fullest with FullonSMS.